Friday, August 17

Green Eyed Wonder

In the black

An illustration of one of my favourite bloggers Anne Sage, in lilac hair.

Monday, August 6

Friday, June 22

Thursday, June 21

And my summer begins

Submitted my last project of my second year and now i can finally enjoy my Summer.
Expect more posts as i will be with my pen and book at all times.

Thursday, June 7

Tuesday, June 5

Let Summer begin

So soon i will be back in Kuwait, for the summer. I really can't wait to go back home and to be in the heat, compared to London's Bipolar weather. Although i won't be able to feel the freedom until the 21st when i hand in my SAS final submission, being one of the shortlisted students in my class.

Friday, May 25

Tuesday, May 1


Hi everyone, i'm back to another busy term at Chelsea, you can see all my activity on my uni blog.
I hope to keep on illustrating on the side for all of you, and excited to keep expanding Labneh wa Zeit, hopefully soon.

Friday, April 20

Wednesday, March 28

Monday, March 19

I'm Back

Sorry guys i haven't been updating my blog recently as i had quite a busy term at university (Chelsea College of Art and Design). It was a successful term thankfully and i'm now back in Kuwait for the Easter Break. It's so good to be back home especially with the family.
If you want to see what i've been up to in university you can check my uni blog. Will try my best to keep both up to date.

Tuesday, January 3

Hello 2012

Photo's by my brother Samo

I would like to wish all my viewers a Happy New Year. 
Best Wishes and hope you all have a great year. 
Thank you for all your comments, they keep me going. I hope to do so much more this year and maybe start my own little something. Will keep you all updated.
This past year has been amazing for me and hope 2012 will be even more kind to me.

Saturday, December 31

Thursday, December 22

Painting my Christmas Cards

Photo's by Samo

Painting away in my mum's kitchen whilst she decorates her Christmas Cookies.

Wednesday, December 21

Christmas Cards

Some of the cards i made for Christmas in Lebanon.

Painting away

Photo's by Samo

Painting the Christmas Card's i made my family back in Lebanon. Hope to get them done by tomorrow.

Sunday, December 18

Happy Birthday Samo

My birthday card to my brother who's Birthday it is today.
Happy Birthday Samo!!

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday to my Mum and brother Samo.
Love you both and wish you all the best.