Tuesday, November 2

Interning at JWT Kuwait

 So i started my first week of interning at JWT Kuwait. This is the first brief i was assigned, which was to create a road safety sign/ad for one of those empty wooden billboards all around Kuwait. After several ideas and different concepts i decided to develop this idea further. I wanted to create awareness for speeding. I guess i decided to stick with this one also as i knew a young who died from a speeding, red light crossing incident here in Kuwait. I chose to go with a basic everyday object seen in most cars (The Baby on Board tag) and try and tell a very shocking, maybe gruesome story, which in fact at times is a reality. I went with the baby concept as it shocks people more in today's society to hear that a baby or child died in any incident. I was really going after the Shock Factor to create Awareness.

Adding blood to my Baby on Board Sign. Some of them really give me the chills, with their very realistic blood splatters.

These are some of the different layouts i decided to go with in the end. i chose the most gruesome blood splatter too to add to the Shock Factor.

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